It starts with great buildings and ends with great tenants

We are a privately-owned, family-owned commercial real estate investor and developer, focused on office and industrial properties across the United States

What We Do

Lake Washington Partners is a privately-owned commercial real estate company, specializing in large-scale industrial and Class A office space.

Our focus is on long-term portfolio investments and development projects across the United States.



Million Sq. Ft.

Lake Washington Partners Properties

Why We’re Different

We own and operate all of our buildings, allowing us to maintain relationships with owners and tenants.

We are customer-centric, fostering strong professional relationships with our clients.

We are long-term investors and take great pride in our properties and our communities.

We are privately held, which allows us to put our clients’ needs first.

“Lake Washington Partners has been an incredible landlord…They have acted as our friends and have been very accommodating with all of our needs. This was never more evident than when COVID-19 began to affect our business. They reached out to us and offered us significant rent relief for several months. Lake Washington Partners’ kindness and concern for our law firm has been a pleasant surprise during these challenging times.”

– Adam Trotsky, McNeese & Trotsky PLLC.

“We have been so grateful to Lake Washington Partners for working with us in such a personal way.  The team is very responsive to our needs and requests and has offered proactive compassion during the pandemic.  We are grateful to be working with them.”

Carole Anne Coryell, Counselors CA Coryell & J Wood

“I have been a tenant with LKWP for the last eight years, and I have been very pleased with them. I have found them to be very accommodating and reasonable. During the pandemic, these qualities have stood out in particular, as they have been very generous in helping us to continue to stay in business, and they have worked with us in every possible way. I would definitely recommend them to any future tenant. ”

Ali Marashi, Western Washington Dance Studio

A Culture of Stewardship

We are committed to investing in our community through supporting local non-profit organizations.